Youth Development Through Music

Youth Development Through Music unifies a longstanding community of practice that intentionally integrates the arts, humanities, and sciences with youth development principles, sparking young people’s creativity and building critical learning and life skills.

The Phoenix Conservatory of Music believes in the power of Youth Development Through Music. It is an intentional part of PCM’s College Prep Program where we:

  • Provide a safe and healthy space for youth to spend their time
  • Realize that young people come into their experiences with their own strengths
  • Foster the development of positive relationships and social skills
  • Rely on the direction and involvement of youth leaders to help shape the program
  • Set high expectations for goals, learning, perseverance and resiliance
  • Create connections between the art and craft they are honing and the broader world around them, giving them the power and space to communicate, collaborate, innovate, and motivate.
Quality Sequential Music Instruction that has high expectations for growth and learning

How Phoenix Conservatory of Music engages in Youth Development Through Music

  • Asset-Based (From a place of strength)
  • Youth-Driven (Voice and Power)
  • Safe
  • Mentors
  • Promote positive social skills and interpersonal interactions
  • Community Collaboration
  • Life Skills
  • Family and Parent Education

Our Core Values

Be Courageous
It's a Safe Place
You can make mistakes!
Teamwork, Honesty & Trust
Dedication & Passion
Believe in Yourself

We are Dedicated and Passionate about our commitment to music.  We demonstrate Leadership through mutual respect and by giving back to our communities.  We set an example for Teamwork, Honesty and Trust! We make it a Safe Place where you Can Make Mistakes and learn from them!  Be Courageous and Believe in Yourself!

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