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Providing access and opportunities for music and development experiences that help make students college and career ready.


99% High School Graduation Rate, 85% go to College or University, $3M + in scholarships earned since 2012.


Providing Student Musicians with a safe place to learn, build their skills, make friends, and be creative.

Impact Of Phoenix Conservatory Of Music

Please help Phoenix Conservatory of Music students to get the education and experiences they need for a better tomorrow.  PCM is a Qualifying Charitable Organization for the Arizona Tax Credit.

How It Works: The state of Arizona offers its taxpayers the opportunity to make contributions to schools and non-profit organizations that reduce the amount of tax owed to the state or increase the amount of the taxpayer’s refunddollar-for-dollar. There is NO NET COST to the donor, and deserving individuals around the state benefit.

Married couples can give up to $800 and single filers can give up to $400.  Make sure to fill out FORM 321 when preparing your taxes and use QCO Code 20958 to ensure your gift is credited back to you.  This is a separate gift from the School Tax Credit and State of Arizona Foster Tax Credit.

Thanks to generous donors like you, PCM serves on average 1500+ students each school year valley wide with over 7,000 hours of direct music instruction.  We provide over 3,600 private music lessons at a reduced fee and provide over 2,000 no cost music lessons for students in need, while continuing to work with over 23 partners to provide after school programs at no cost to students in the community.

The generosity and loyalty of our supporters help our students to become creative, innovative, collaborative, and motivated to lead us into a hopeful future.

Your donations make our support of these amazing students possible.  Yet, there is still work to be done. There are students in need who are not receiving the musical mentorship they desire and deserve.

Please stand with us and make your donation today.  With your generosity and loyalty, we can serve thousands of students through quality music education that gives voice to their minds and flight to their dreams.

We simply can’t do it without you. Your support can make a real, lasting impact in the lives of Phoenix Conservatory of Music (PCM) students.  Give the gift of music today!

Phoenix Conservatory of Music is a 501c3 Organization (EIN: 86-0917748) and a Qualifying Charitable Organization for the Arizona Tax Credit. 

Please consult  with a qualified tax professional for guidance on your personal tax situation.

Your gift of music serves students in numerous ways

  • $50 = one hour of ensemble for up to 12 students
  • $200 = four, sixty minute private music lessons for a college bound student
  • $400 = travel to Boston for a scholarship student to attend the Berklee College of Music (or other summer intensive travel)
  • $800  = one music theory class for as many as 15 students
  • $1,000 =  a private lesson scholarship for 10 months for a student in need (with a commitment of 3+ years of giving, you can name the scholarship)
  • $2,500 = you can provide support for one quarter of after school programs for a school in need
  • $4,000 = room and board for a scholarship student to a summer immersion program

They have taught me to realize what I need to accomplish to be a well rounded musician. It has opened the door to the world of jazz for me.

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