Thanks to generous donors like you, over 2000 aspiring musicians were served in 2016.

  • Before I found PCM, I lacked follow-through. I didn’t realize I had potential. I didn’t take my talent seriously. In just two years, I’ve gone from being scared to death on stage to having the time of my life. It’s because of the support, the relationships built and the connections I have made. Before I found PCM, I was not very reliable. I was late for everything. I didn’t think it mattered. Now I know we all depend on each other to be the best we can be!

    Ben Betiku
    Ben Betiku Phoenix Conservatory of Music, 2016

Your support makes stories like Ben’s possible.  You have helped create a 95% graduation rate for PCM students (compared to an 76% in Arizona).  Sixty five percent of PCM students attend college and over $1 million in scholarships have been earned.

Yet, there is still work to be done. There are students in need who are not receiving the musical mentorship they desire and deserve.

Please stand with us and make your donation today.  With your generosity and loyalty, we can serve thousands of students through quality music education that gives voice to their minds and flight to their dreams.

We simply can’t do it without you. Your support can make a real, lasting impact in the lives of Phoenix Conservatory of Music (PCM) students.  Give the gift of music today!

Your gift of music serves students in numerous ways
  • $25 = one private music lesson
  • $50 = one hour of ensemble for up to 12 students
  • $100 = four, thirty minute private music lessons
  • $200 = four, sixty minute private music lessons for a college bound student
  • $350 = travel to Boston for a scholarship student to attend the Berklee College of Music
  • $500 = a new instrument
  • $750  = one music theory class for as many as 15 students
  • $1,000 = one semester long ensemble for as many as 12 students
  • $1,500 = one enrichment class for an entire school year for as many as 15 students
  • $1500 = one student’s cost for the college prep program for an entire year
  • $3000 = a named private lesson scholarship for a student in need for three years
  • $3,500 = room and board for a scholarship student to a summer immersion program
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