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Music Programs For Schools

After School Programs

Does your school need an after school music program?  Schools across the valley partner with Phoenix Conservatory of Music (PCM) to deliver programs on school campuses utilizing the same level of professional music educators as in our studio.

Often funded by 21st Century Grants, Title I funding or tax credits, these after school enrichment programs will enliven your campus.  With programs such as guitar, karaoke, bucket drumming, Japanese and African drumming and more, students are ensured an enriching and engaging experience.

The programs are designed to fit the budget and curricular needs of each school. They link to school day learning and focus on building developmental assets in young people.

Professional Development Programs

How about Professional Development for your music teachers?  We can help!  We take our best practices and help music educators get creative and discover resources that allow their programs to flourish.  We have been offering Professional Development for Educators and practitioners since 2005, and we love helping school music programs in any way we can!  Topics we can cover include (but are not limited to): Music Technology, Teaching and Learning Online, Early Childhood Music, Composing in the Classroom, Culturally Responsive Music, and many more.

Do you need assistance?  Adjudicators, sectional coaches, specialized pedagogy?  Let us know how we can help your program.

The professional development sessions are designed to fit the budget and curricular needs of each school or district partner.

Professional Development For Music Educators

Phoenix Conservatory of Music will produce three professional development sessions that can be viewed/taken remotely through technology and present six live professional development for local music educators:  For more information, please contact  We are offering below topics as well as taking ideas on what you need.

  • Teaching Your Students to write Contemporary Music (Songwriting 101)
  • Music Creation through Technology
  • Teaching A-typical ensembles that are culturally responsive (e.g. popular music ensembles, ukulele ensembles, jazz combos, mariachi or Latin jazz)


Music Education Impact Program

In August 2019, Phoenix Conservatory of Music (PCM) and the CMA Foundation, with support from US Bank, launched a Music Education Impact Project.  This continues to bring resources directly into public school music classrooms, at no cost to the school districts, participating teachers, or schools.

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