PCM Students to Play Crescent Ballroom for Annual CD Release Party!

February 2019

Phoenix, Arizona

Every year, students from The Phoenix Conservatory of Music (PCM) spend time learning to write music, mix music, and produce music.  Every year, PCM takes students to one of their institutional partners, Grand Canyon University, to utilize their state of the art recording studio to record original works.  The result?

Over 35 tracks of student and alumni written, performed and/or produced works of art.  This year’s album, consisting of 13 tracks spanning EDM, Singer/Songwriter, Ballads, and Jazz will be given out to people who are attending the CD Release Concert on February 27, 2019 at Crescent Ballroom, 308 N. 2nd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85003.  This is a free event celebrating student achievement in songwriting, composition, recording, production and performance.  It will be a rockin’ night with high octane music, some original, high energy performance from our Classic Rock, Blues, Rock/Funk and R&B Ensembles and fantastic networking at the PCM CD Release Party/Student Artist Signing!  Enjoy Networking, CD Signing, the Food and Bar @ Crescent Ballroom, and Good Company from 6-7p.  Have a rockin’ Good Time at the concert from 7-8:30p!  This year’s CD has 13 original tracks that have been composed and performed by students (and often produced as well).   Under 21 are welcome with a parent/guardian.

Tom Cooke, on of the student artists featured on this year’s album and a  PCM student for the last 7 years says, “ “I feel music is the only way that I’ll be able to find in this world to really express how I feel…It’s kind of the only thing that has really taken my whole being and made it more than what I am… I feel that music is kind of a way that instead of hearing my mouth speak, you can hear my soul speak.”

Phoenix Conservatory of Music, is a Phoenix based nonprofit community school of music with a very big reach.  Founded in 1998, Phoenix Conservatory of Music has served over 18,000 students across the valley in its 21-year history and is committed to providing our community with quality music education recognized on a city, state and national level that is affordable and accessible so every student with a desire to learn has the opportunity to learn.

With programs that build a pipeline of critical skill sets in music education acquisition and helping student become college and career ready though creative youth development, Phoenix Conservatory of Music is training not only musicians, but future community leaders whose time with the organization not only teaches musicianship but 21st century skill sets like collaboration, perseverance, resilience and innovation in young people.

The organization is a hub of creative energy that provides a safe place where young people feel emboldened to take risks and make mistakes without fear of censure and gives them opportunities to be productive in their time away from school, making a stronger more vibrant community!

The organization offers after school programs at school sites throughout the valley and at their facility inside Metrocenter Mall provides students of all ages with group music classes, private music lessons and a very unique College Preparatory Program that developed with a strong partnership with the Berklee College of Music’s City Music Network.

The Phoenix Conservatory of Music’s College Prep Program is the Conservatory’s flagship program.  The College Prep Program has been in operation since a partnership began with Berklee College of Music’s City Music Network in 2010.  It is an out of school time program drawing students from all over Maricopa County that takes place 30+ weeks throughout the year.  The College Prep Program’s goals are to have seniors successfully graduate from high school and develop a plan for their post high school education with some placement in academic and/or music programs in colleges and universities with scholarship dollars earned, advance our student population in their skill set acquisition through a critical pipeline in music learning, and earn scholarships and admission to summer intensives.   Students are given a minimum of 3 hours of music instruction per week for 30+ weeks of the school year totaling 130 hours. The core program offers music theory, ensemble programs and enrichment (starting with percussion, sight singing and piano for younger students, and growing into songwriting, audio production, music business and audition and interview preparation for high school students).  In addition, students can opt into private music lessons and multiple ensembles.  The students are at PCM, taking advantage of learning opportunities for 5-10 hours per week.

PCM’s College Prep Program serves on average 110 students per year.   In the last seven years, this program has had a 98% high school graduation rate (compared to 86% in our local community), 71% go to college or university, 43% study music or music related fields, and they have cumulatively earned over $1.5M in scholarship offers.

“I am so thankful for the amazing teachers and lessons I have received.  I would never have been able to overcome my fear of stage performance and enhance my talent.  Music means so much to me because it has been my oasis in times of stress and need…the opportunity to learn who I am and what I am capable of offering the world.” Jo-el Banini

In 2012, PCM moved into Metrocenter Mall.  In 2015, The organization received an Arizona Governor’s Arts Award for Arts Education.  In January of 2017, Phoenix Conservatory of Music moved into new, larger, more appropriate space inside Metrocenter Mall.  In October, PCM was honored with a Mayor’s Arts Award.  In November, at a special ceremony in Washington, D.C. the nation’s top cultural agencies honored the best Creative Youth Development programs from over 350 nominations from across the country for their work in providing excellent arts and humanities learning opportunities to young people.  Three of Phoenix’s own students had the honor of traveling to our Nation’s Capital to The Phoenix Conservatory of Music as it was recognized with a 2017 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award.  The award was presented by The National Endowment for the Arts and their partners.

What is the secret sauce that allows all of this to happen?  “All three of my children take lessons here…take ensembles and have enrichment classes”, Says Michael Gleba Sr., “My children [are] just having their horizons expanded and the opportunities and options for them as they grow up are just more than they could possibly think.   There are scholarships available and it makes it so much easier with the support the conservatory gives…is just something you don’t see a lot.  Being here for several years, knowing all of the hard work that the staff and teachers provide, it makes me proud to see the organization be recognized because it takes so many people to make this work”.

Because of the tireless work dedicated to making sure that there are no barriers to serving those students in need, with over 50% of its budget going towards the 62% of its population in need, the Phoenix Conservatory of Music was awarded status as an Arizona State Qualifying Tax Credit Charitable Organization.   This is a fantastic benefit for both the student and the donor.  The state of Arizona offers its taxpayers the opportunity to make contributions to schools and non-profit organizations that reduce the amount of tax owed to the state or increase the amount of the taxpayer’s refunddollar-for-dollar. There is NO NET COST to the donor, and deserving individuals around the state benefit.  Married Couples can give up to $800 and single filers can give up to $400.  Donors just need to make sure to fill out FORM 321 when preparing your taxes to ensure the gift is credited back.  These gifts can be made through April 15, 2019 and claimed it as a tax credit donation on 2018 Arizona State Taxes.

About Phoenix Conservatory of Music:

Phoenix Conservatory of Music provides a continuum of high quality music education and experiences to hundreds of students annually, with programs ranging from introductory level in-house education programs and after school programs to more advanced private lessons and the most prestigious College Prep Program for contemporary music education in the state: The Berklee College of Music’s City Music Network and P.U.L.S.E. programs.  They are a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide quality music education that is affordable and accessible.  They receive contributed income to make sure that all students have access to music education, regardless of their socio-economic status and were granted status as a Qualifying Charitable Organization for the Arizona State Tax Credit.  Since the inception of PCM’s College Prep Program in 2010, the program is providing a pathway for students to achieve their dreams- one note at a time.  With 3-10 hours per week of low to no cost engagement, the organization provides students 4-12 grades with private music lessons, music theory classes, enrichment classes and Popular Music Ensembles.  They have a 98% graduation rate (compared to an 86% in the local community and a 77% in the state), 71% go on to college or university, 43% of those students are studying music or music related fields, and they have earned more than $1.5 Million Dollars in Scholarship Offers.  To learn more, please visit www.PCMrocks.org or call 602.353.9900.


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