PCM’s Award-Winning College Prep Program Opens Auditions

PCM Scholarship Concert with young man playing bass with young keyboard player in background with red stage lighting highlighting the image.

Phoenix Conservatory of Music’s Award-Winning College Prep Program Opens Auditions

Phoenix, Arizona: The Phoenix Conservatory of Music (PCM) announces open auditions for the 2022-2023 College Prep Program. The award-winning College Prep Program seeks young musicians in grades 4-12 to participate in the 10-month afterschool music program.

Through a partnership with Berklee College of Music’s Berklee City Music Network, PCM utilizes the Berklee PULSE curriculum as a basis for this comprehensive and merit-based learning program. Students are placed based on their performance audition and theory assessment, with each student receiving private lessons, music theory courses appropriate to their tested skill level, relevant enrichment classes and placement in an ensemble with other students. PCM’s College Prep Program serves over 100 students annually with PCM alumni receiving over $2 million in scholarship offers to attend colleges such as Berklee College of Music, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, Belmont University, Grand Canyon University, and Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, among others.

PCM’s Executive Director, Regina Nixon states, “This program provides amazing benefits to young musicians in our community. The ability to play music with other students, learn new skills such as composition, songwriting, beat making and audio production, allow the students to learn and grow while adding to their skillsets. And the performance opportunities throughout the year also allow the ensembles to learn and grow both individually and as part of a band, teaching confidence, commitment, communication, collaboration and creativity.”

Auditions are open through the end of September 2022. Interested students or parents may find out more through www.pcmrocks.org or by emailing info@pcmrocks.org or calling 602-353-9900.

About Phoenix Conservatory of Music: Phoenix Conservatory of Music (PCM) is a nonprofit, creative youth development organization through music education that was founded in 1998. PCM provides a continuum of high-quality music education and experiences to nearly 2,000 students annually, with programs ranging from introductory level education and after school programs to more advanced private lessons and music theory classes. PCM is also home to the national award-winning College Prep program, an after-school college readiness for contemporary music education, in partnership with the Berklee College of Music and The Berklee City Music Network.


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