In Her Own Words…Amaya Lim on the Berklee Five Week Performance Program

amaya-limThe Berklee Five Week Performance Program changed me as a musician, performer, and person. I attended Five Week as a vocalist with a Pop/R&B concentration, but explored jazz, bluegrass, rock, and Middle Eastern music. Some of my favorite classes focused especially on aspects of music into which I had never delved, such as complex harmony and  composition. By utilizing the endless resources at Berklee, I learned more about music, and grew more, than I had thought possible. Although my classes were informative, interactive, and endlessly interesting, some of the best experiences that I had at Five Week were outside the classroom, interacting with other students, as well as faculty, creating music and sharing ideas. Being constantly surrounded by music allowed me to focus solely on creating a more concrete musical identity and exploring new avenues. The other students at Berklee inspired me to appreciate aspects of the art I thought I knew so well that I had never even considered. I quickly learned to communicate my ideas through music and take in as much as I could by listening to and interacting with my directors and ensemble. In performance I became more confident and defined in my style, taking elements from the musicians I most respected and whose presences were most impactful. This growth allowed me to begin gigging around Phoenix, a feat which I did not think possible until Five Week and its effect on my confidence. Boston itself affected my musicianship; the excitement of the city and its contrast with my home refreshed my writing and renewed my interest in expanding my musicianship. Between the amazing resources like the Stan Getz library, recording studios, 24-hour practice rooms, inspiring staff and speakers, and the talented students, Berklee was one of the most formative experiences of my life.

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